3 Ways To Create Social Media Content for Your Products and Services


Content development cannot stop in your business.

As you know, being in business means a constant stream of promotion. It is your main job as a business owner to develop ‘content’ that is posted on your website and subsequently on your social sites.

And even though this is a necessity for the success of your business, we find that many entrepreneurs feel at a loss when it comes to producing content for their business’s services and products.

It seems that the job is much easier when writing content about industry news, but much more difficult when talking about our products and services.

If not careful, posts about products can seem too ‘salesy’ or even worse, boring. Either way, if the content about your products doesn’t wow your audience then they won’t even pay attention.

So how can you become more inspired when promoting your products and services through content?
Glad you asked! Below we have 3 creative new ways to create product and service content in an hour or less a week!

STEP 1: Find an Exclusive Offer that has Recently Grabbed YOUR Attention

The easiest way to attract your audience to your products and services is to look for marketing material that grabs your attention. If you are crunched for time (and what business owner isn’t?) then finding what is already working online and remodeling it to make it work for your brand is a no brainer.

In the example below you can choose a simple Google search, enter in some keywords like “exclusive” or “sales” and see what comes up.

  • Look at written content first under “All” tab. Remember you are NOT copying and pasting some other marketer’s hard work directly into your blog with only the product names changed (that’s plagiarism). Instead, you are using these examples (see how they are ranking on the top of a Google search? That’s a good thing…) as inspiration for your exciting product and service content.
  • Next, look at the “Images” tab. What digital images catch your eye? Can you remodel them on Canva.com to accommodate your personal brand? If you can, then get to it!

(image credit: Jezebel)

Step 2: Keep an 800–1,000 Word Blog Template on Hand

Today’s digital audience members like concise, short, and easy to read articles. How wonderful because it makes your job as content writer that much easier!

To save time and energy, if content marketing has become a chore to you, keep your blog posts SEO optimized, short, and sweet.

(image credit: jefkalil)

  • Keep your product and service pages ‘optimized’ to gain more traffic. In fact, the longer and ‘wordier; they are, the less traffic they will receive. Remember to chop your content into digestible bullet points, bod and italicized words to break up text, and save your images with your keyword phrase.
  • Optimize your Product and Services Content Around What’s trending. As the only content writer for your business, time is short, we get it! Therefore, do not spend your time writing content on topics that people are not interested in. For example, taking time to write content about your woolen socks in the middle of summer. Find topics that search engines, and social media channels want to share with your ideal audience. Using the example below, you can easily find trending topics and write an 800 word perfectly optimized post in under an hour.
  • Post your Blog Post to your Website. You now have exclusive content around your products and services, an optimized post, and trending topics that search engines and social channels favor. In less than an hour, great! Onto the final finishing step.

Step 3: Pull Snippets from your Blog Post for Social and Video Marketing

Keeping Steps 1 and 2 listed above as simple as possible, means that you have some brain power left over to tackle all your social marketing.

Starting your content marketing with website content first also means that you have everything you need for the rest of the week social marketing.

After your blog post is written and posted, go back and pull out your key points. Look for preferably 5 -7 key points to make images out of, these you will use in a social media scheduler, like Buffer.com.

Let’s take a look at an example below, one of our most recent GoIMU.com articles on influencer marketing.

  • Turn your blog post into your video for the week. Millions of people prefer to watch or listen to videos these days over reading. Now that you have your blog post written, turn on your camera and read it to your audience. Make sure you put some personality into it! This is how people get to know, like, and trust you and your services. Keep your posts and videos as short as possible (we all have limited attention these days).


That’s it! Now you can easily take your one blog post and make it into a podcast, infographics for Pinterest, a weekly workshop, and numerous other marketing material. But if you are pressed for time, these 3 Simple Ways to Create Social Content that Promotes Your Products and Services in under an hour is perfect for you.

As you keep going your experience will help you get faster and faster, when that happens, add some more marketing articles into your weekly routine from this one blog post. Your business will thank you for it!

Your turn! Let us know in the comments below what time saving methods you use.

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