4 BUT’s your top management throws at you when you want to make videos

As a part of my job, I have been extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to interact with a great number of exciting startups. Be it CXOs, VPs, Content strategists, Product managers, brand consultants and marketers.

Great products, amazing vision, extremely passionate team- It is a pleasure knowing all the amazing stuff- what problem your product solves, your target market and the vision for the future. But in the end, it all boils down to communicating your product to your audience.

To communicate the power of what your product can do and just to put it there for your customers to use it is indeed a parent holding his newborn in his hand sort of experience. And with all your understanding and knowledge, you most times than not decide on using videos as a tool for you business communication, marketing and branding.

It is a great feeling when you already know the power of videos. But after having a few rounds of discussion, in quite a few cases, we end up hearing that you didn’t get enough budget for the video or that you are prioritizing online ads for now or that as a company you don’t believe that a video is required for an early stage startup.

Though I can empathize with your situation, I know that you know what videos can do to your business.

So here are few objections and how you can deal with them.

1. But why should you spend so much for a video?

Let’s say you hire an average agency or bunch of freelancers for making a video and the final video looks shady with bad animations and a weak story. Do you expect your customers to trust you and give them their money based on a shady video? Any communication you make with the outside world is a reflection of who you are.

A creative video instantly rubs of to your brand image. Similarly a bad video can taint your brand. A video for any organisation is the first touch point between you and your customers. Being the tool that communicates with your potential customers, shouldn’t it be the best. And a good quality video needs research and close attention to detail; both of which takes time.

2. But our competitors aren’t doing it

That is exactly why you should do it. This move there sets up apart. Every company, organization or a startup has a core story if not products. That core is the story people want to hear, people love knowing who they are working with. A video helps your customers connect to your brand personality.

In these cases, even if you don’t have the budget to make one, you always have a friend who owns a DSLR or an iPhone. To start with, make videos that communicate your culture, your core team if not your product.

YouTube is the second largest search engine after google. And of course, it is to be noted that the number of online users who watch videos have gone up from 69 % to 78%.

3. But will a video work?

I am going to throw in a stat in here,website visitors are 64% more likely to make a purchase after they’ve watched a video.

If you are driving in a lot of traffic to your site with all the online paid ads, I am sure you don’t want to miss out on the advantage of having a video.

And for my one liner, ‘A good video works 24*7; doesn’t have a 8 hour shift like your sales team; works even when you are sleeping.’

The video we at MyPromoVideos made for one of India’s leading Saas products is over 3 years old. The video is still on their website doing conversions.

4. But how will it help our leads?

Stat attack again, viewers who complete watching product video are 15–20% more likely to convert than passive visitors.

This helps the sales and marketing team in lead scoring. This instantly highlights the leads we need to pay extra attention to. This trend is catching on big time. That is why you can see an explainer video on most of the website homepages and landing pages.

Also, users signing up after they watch the full video is a sign that they have understood your product and want to move ahead in the buyer’s journey. So that you can take you communication towards helping your signups to reap maximum benefits out of your product/service.

To sum it up, videos rank highly among-st other advertising & marketing communication tools. And no brand has ever become big by omitting that!