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9 Experts Share Top Real Estate Content Marketing Tips

Many home buyers are using the internet to do their house hunting search. But, researchers have proved that realtors bring more value to buyers from home searching process to buying.

The competition is fierce. It’s also becoming painful for realtors to find potential customers.

Now, a robust content marketing strategy is an essential need for any real estate agent.

If you are a real estate agent and you want to develop a successful content
marketing strategy, you need some practical tips from industry experts.
In this post, you will get the best advice from 9 real estate experts.

The question: If a real estate agent wants to be more persuasive, consistent and intentional with their content marketing efforts, what one best tip you would give?


I see a lack of consistency about digital marketing in real estate agents. Either they feel overwhelmed or they don’t believe in the power of digital marketing.

The only productive solution is to narrow your focus. Chances are, you will be frustrated if you try to figure out Twitter, Facebook, blogging, email marketing all at once.

At first, focus on one platform. As you get comfortable add another into your
marketing strategy.

If you choose Facebook, try to be consistent on Facebook. Start with growing your audience there, get reviews and testimonials. Understand how to interact with audience. Learn how to run Facebook ad campaigns. Afterwards, learn more about videos as it’s the most popular form of media.


Be yourself. That’s it.

You don’t need to be any big personality to leverage social media tools. Be authentic with what you are. Figure out your personality and be authentic.


As a real estate agent, don’t just tell your audience about the product or service. Tell a story! Convince me how the product is going to change my life, or solve a big problem.

Also, tell me how others are using or loving the product. You should also tell me how I am going to feel if I buy or use it or live in it.

Take an extra step and tell a story to sell a product. As a marketer, it’s your job to find a story and tell it.


Be Consistent: Select a niche and focus on it. If a design blog starts writing about
politics or religion, I’d never read it and will never return. A niche is definitely
important and being consistent is the key.

Think editorially: It’s important to know your brand and voice. One should focus on producing an evergreen content that has a unique voice and relevant to the brand.

Stick to the category: The agents should create content that falls into a specific

Write and design your content like you mean it: Make sure you’re aware of bad
grammar usage, poor punctuation, and improper sentence structure.

The same goes with designing. Blurry images and poor use of typeface will kill your designing.

Create an editorial calendar: As a marketer, it’s essential to create a calendar that
helps to stay ahead of what to write and when.


For anyone who’s going to be purposeful in their content marketing efforts, I would recommend to pick one day and stick to it.

If you choose a day and publish a blog post, weekly video, Facebook Live, Instagram Story — people will respond.

Consistently promoting your content on social media and emails also matter.


Nobody starts as an expert. Don’t feel disappointed if someone is extremely good at producing content and you are just starting out. At some point, we all sucked. It’s true. Even my first ever video on youtube was so bad that I unlisted it.

An expert gets better after starting and sucking. The fact is that the more you try, the better you will get.


My tip is to promote other people. Search for people in your area and see how you
can help them. Adopt the strategy to match local business owners with consumer

The idea should be to promote the people, the businesses, and the area. Don’t just talk about yourself.

As you help and promote others, you will see better response and better results.


Show yourself as a local problem solver. One of the best meaningful content is the
one that’s extremely localized. Try to be local.

Of course, it’s always good to have international and national information on real estate.

But, I want my business partners to provide information that has to do with the city I live in, the neighborhood, the nearby places and the state I pay taxes in. Another advantage I found for real estate agents is that they can be local connectors.

If we look at platforms like Zillow etc they can never be local problem solvers. They can never compete with a local real estate agent.


Many people don’t produce consistent content which leads them to inconsistency.
The more consistent content you put out, the better results you get and the more you are able to create in future.

So, what’s the number one tip you found helpful in the real estate content marketing?

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