A sick website? Give it valuable content and improve your traffic

When your website is not driving the kind of traffic you’d like to see, or generating the leads you’d hoped for, your first instinct is to go for a redesign. That can be a sound solution for most problems, but there’s a huge, massive thing, you should be looking at to get the results you’re hoping for: the content of your website. Namely, how relevant, consistent, and valuable it is.

Unsure of what I mean? Then you really need to read along. I’ll let you in on the best practices you can implement:

Content is king… except when it’s just a pawn

Think about that sentence: “Content is king”. Does it seem familiar? Have you maybe seen it on at least 400 different occasions? If you’ve been researching inbound marketing or content marketing, that answer is a fed up “Yes”.

Bill Gates said it 20 years ago and it was as true then as it is now. The thing is: not all content is king. Some content is akin more to a fly annoyingly spoiling the king’s dinner. The difference is in the value, i.e: how badly do your buyer’s persona need that content? How helpful -or entertaining- will they find the content you’re putting out? Churning out content just because you have to have something (anything!) on your social media accounts or website, it’s the perfect way to becoming part of the background and making your visitors so bored they’ll think twice before coming back.

Here, the problem becomes two fold: 1) Are your visitors going to be interested? and 2) Will they be able to recognize the value of your content without having to search for it?

The first question can be answered by looking at your buyer’s persona, identifying just where they are in the buyer’s journey and isolating the problems they are having. The second, though, takes a little less work and it’s all about format:

  • Will your page pass the blink test? Are visitors able to tell what your site it’s about with just a glance?
  • Do you have clear CTAs? That’s an acronym for Call to Actions that clearly tell your visitors what you’re supposed to do next.
  • Do you have enough headlines? They serve to further your message and answer any questions your visitors might have.

One of the best places to put this practices in place, is a blog, so…

Do you have a moment to talk about blogging?

The coveted SEO Ranking

Stop thinking of blogs as substitutes for personal journals used by people with a deep need to overshare. Specialized blogs have -thankfully- raised the bar, so now blogs are legitimate places people go to for answers on niche topics, to entertain themselves, or even to find educational information that’s impossible to find elsewhere lest you bury yourself on a dusty library for days on end.

What that means for you is that you can become a reputable source in your area of expertise. All you have to do is leave breadcrumbs of your knowledge all over the internet. Search engines will find all those pieces you’ve created and recommend them to people looking for information on the topic.

The more pages you have indexed the more reputable you will become. Not all of those pages might end up on the first page of Google, but, in time, many of them can. Essentially, blogging increases your chances of getting more traffic.

The gift that keeps on giving

Say from this moment on you upload 2 new blog post a week for a year. Do you think that:

a) Only your newer pieces will get the most traffic. Once the novelty wears off, no one will come back to them. Or

b) There’s an equal chance that your older or newer pieces will get a good amount of traffic.

“B” is where the money’s at… quite literally. Assuming your blog is based on a profitable category, optimized for search engine, you’re keeping an eye on the buyer’s journey and you’re not writing about a perishable subject matter, the amount of traffic you’ll get will not depend on novelty. Your first blog, will keep on climbing the ranks at Google and showing up in the results for new queries every day.

Remember all those people who told you money doesn’t grow on trees? Keep a consistent blog, and you’ll be able to show them the best metaphorical money tree your writing chops can get you.

Showcase your personality and build a community

When you love what you do or your product -or both-, you could talk about it till the end of time but here’s only a certain amount of info you can put in your website before your visitors go running scared of the wall of text you’re trying to cram through their eyes.

This is exactly where your blog comes in. It’s the perfect place to show some love for what you do, spread your knowledge of your industry, and find others that can add to the conversation you’re starting. There are no rules as to how casual or formal you have to be, lenght or even format so long as every decision is based on a concept and you’re consistent with your style.

Once you get all your elements right, it will be time to interact with others: Think about guest posting and commenting on other blogs related to your area. Soon, you’ll be getting new visitors to your page, that will hopefully flock to your comment section and start a community around the topics you’re bringing to the table. While that doesn’t seem like much, when you’re ready to launch a product and find yourself with an already captive audience, you’ll be glad you started blogging before hand.

…So your main takeaway should be

Before getting disillusioned with the amount of traffic and leads you’re getting for your website, take a look at what you’re doing 
content wise.

  • Make sure you’re creating valuable, relevant and interesting content for your buyer’s personas.
  • Match your content with the buyer’s journey.
  • A blog is an excellent SEO tool to help your ranking.
  • And get a captive audience that’s interested in your product.

Remember that a website is a highly complex organism that involves many moving parts. As a marketer, you need to up the ante and become knowledgeable on all those different parts, if you need a little extra help with that we’ve condensed all the information you need in a handy and weightless e-Book on “25 Tricks to Master Traffic, Lead Generation & Sales on your Website”.

Originally published at blog.thesocialus.com.