Achieve More In Your Writing With SMedian Embeds

What is SMedian

SMedian is where thousands of Medium writers and hundreds of Medium publication editors meet to grow together. SMedian lets editors grow their publication by more easily and efficiently attracting new writers who give their readers more to read. Writers grow by tapping into the existing audience of various publications that are either established or taking off when new writers arrive. Writers also grow by promoting themselves on the SMedian network where editors or potential employers can find them.

SMedian is home to some of the fastest growing publications and noteworthy writers. For those publications and writers who are just getting their start, SMedian helps them grow their wings and find their audience.

But there’s more…

SMedian Embeds

Have you ever watched a youtube video in a Medium article? Have you ever filled out a Google Form or a signup form in a Medium article? Each are those are simple embeds, powered by Embedly, that enabled the writer to do more with their content. SMedian now lets you do way more with your content through its embeds.

Embed Call to Actions (CTA)

At the end of an article, the author often wants to convert their readers to a subscriber, connection, or customer. Writers have achieved this on Medium by writing a paragraph about themselves titled something along the lines of “About the Author” or “Connect With Me”. The author also includes links to their website and/or social profiles. Again, the writer has to paste all of this information in each of their articles and when something changes about that information, they must either go back to previous articles and make the necessary updates or keep them stale. Until now…

SMedian enables writers to embed a CTA section in all of their articles via a single link. When they need to update contents of the CTA, they can simply visit their SMedian dashboard, and make the necessary changes and SMedian will propagate them to all of the embeds. You can learn more about these CTA embeds here:

Learn how to embed these in your Medium articles on Medium’s Help Page.

Embed Signup Forms

By now, you’ve probably seen a couple articles on Medium where the author has included a signup form to collect emails from their readers. If not, you will start seeing them more now that SMedian is joining the action.

If you want to collect emails of your readers, you can simply add a signup form to your CTA embed from above and paste the appropriate link in your articles. As readers submit their emails, you will be able to view and export them via your SMedian dashboard. You have full control over customizations. Here’s mine:

Learn more about embedding SMedian signup forms in your articles here:

Embed CTA’s and Signup Forms for Publications

Publications can make use of all of the above, too. Simply navigate to your publication’s SMedian dashboard, and copy the existing link for the CTA embed. The CTA for publications is currently limited to “Request to Contribute” as we want to help publications gain more writers through these embeds.

A publication can also add a signup form to their CTA and customize it as they wish. You can even add a call to action link for readers to click on after submitting their email to the form. Think “Enter your email to get your free e-book!”. This is a good way to collect emails while giving away free goodies to your readers.

And this is the dashboard where you can manage the submissions to your signup form:


Analytics are being collected but are not yet viewable for all embeds. We are working out the best way to make these available to you. You will be alerted when analytics are ready. For now, only banner embeds have viewable analytics: total clicks and unique clicks.

Embedding is Easier With the SMedian Chrome Extension (SCE)

We want it to be as efficient as possible to include SMedian embeds in your articles, so we added it to the SCE context menu. Whenever you are editing an article either for yourself or your publication, you can get your embed link from the context menu which is only a click away at all times:

More to Come

We have some ideas about more embeds to add, but we’d like to hear from you on what would be useful in the responses section below.

Enjoy & Please Send Feedback!

Thanks for using SMedian. Any questions, concerns, or feedback are available via responses below.