Turn viewers into participants — how to add forms, surveys and polls to your slides

If you’re spending time crafting presentations, you’re going to want to make them effective. You’re probably going to want to engage with your audience beyond a view, a like or just a share. Thankfully, connecting with your audience and turning viewers into participants is easier than you might think.

This is where forms and polls can be extremely powerful, especially when you are sharing your presentation online. And why wouldn’t you, online presentations are predicted to be one of the biggest growth areas in content marketing.

And with Slidecraft and Typeform, it couldn’t be easier.

I love Typeform. Creating beautiful, simple forms, surveys and polls is a breeze. What’s more you can share them easily and even embed them in your presentations. With online presentation software this is as simple as copy and paste.

The power of adding simple forms to your slide deck shouldn’t be underestimated, it creates a huge opportunity to extend your relationship with your audience beyond the presentation. It allows you to learn more about your audience and draw them into your content and story.

For an idea of just how simple it is to set up, it takes just five simple steps.

1. Click to edit an existing presentation or create a new presentation from your Slidecraft dashboard.

2. Now just add a code slide to your presentation.

3. In a new window open up Typeform — if you haven’t already, sign up and create your form — you won’t regret it.

4. Go to the ‘Share’ tab and click ‘Embed in a web page’ — copy the code from the relevant ‘Get the code’ link.

5. Click on your newly added code slide in Slidecraft to edit it and paste in the embed code for the form you want to include from Typeform.

That’s it. You’ll have a great looking form within your presentation. This could be your first step to converting viewers to participants.

You can see how this works in our example of a form embedded in a slide.

A presentation, but not as you know it…

Slidecraft helps you connect with and inspire your audience. It’s easy to add interactive elements that turn viewers into participants. You can add depth for your audience by adding text, images and video to support every individual slide and most importantly: each slide can start a conversation.

If you want to set your content apart, jump the queue and join our beta today.

If you aren’t already using Typeform check them out too — I’d recommend going pro if you can (we’re not affiliated or linked in any way — we’re just happy customers), you get some great additional features like question logic and notifications that allow you to create some really interesting forms. There’s a free version too so you can see just how easy they are to create.

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