Discover The Enhanced SEO Features Of Magento 2

A good-looking, high-performance and secure e-commerce website is the basic pre-requisite of an online business. At the same time, it should be SEO-friendly too because online visibility is of utmost importance for its success. Magento is regarded as one of the best platforms for developing websites which have comprehensive features to ensure business growth. The platform is not only appreciated for these capabilities but also the constant upgrades and improvements it keeps bringing at a regular basis. Magento 2, its advanced version, comes packed with a host of unique features, notably the ones which boost the site SEO manifold.
 Here are some outstanding SEO features that make Magento 2 the ideal choice for E-commerce web development in Atlanta or elsewhere:

Product Field Auto-Generation
 Magento 1.x comes with optimization features such as meta tag settings for title, descriptions, and keywords, URL key settings, and categories path for product URLs. All these features are available in the advanced version too. In addition to them, it enhances the page optimization with the innovative Product Field Auto-Generation feature. It defines the product meta tags in relation with predefined product attributes and templates.

Optimisation Of Category Page
 One of the best features that Magento offers is Layered Navigation, which facilitates easy searching through the catalog of the online store. It enables them to access a drop-down list and filter products by attributes such as color, price, brand, and more. However, duplication is a problem that can arise due to layered navigation. Hiring a Magento 2 developer can help resolve the problem as the advanced platform is enhanced with the URL Preservation feature. With this feature, the same URL can be saved for category pages even while using the filtering options.

Improved XML Sitemaps
 Magento 2 has brought improvement in XML sitemaps too, with the ability to set up the frequency and priority of all page types, including products, categories, and CMS pages. The XML sitemap can also be auto-added to a .txt file. You can also add images as well as define parameters for splitting items between XML files.

Rich Snippets
 Rich snippets make another amazing SEO-friendly feature of the advanced version of the platform. The best thing is that it is available by default and need not be configured. It can be used to enhance the visibility of the pages by making the data more structured.

Product Image Labels 
 Another feature that Magento 2 users are empowered with is that of product image labels, which goes a long way in improving SEO for the site. The users are able to put labels directly on the product images, without having to rely on third-party extensions. These labels are useful for grabbing the attention of the users.

Tracking Benefits
 The Enterprise Edition of Magento 2 offers the advanced Google Tag Manager, which enhances Google Analytics tracking as well as e-commerce tracking. The analytics can be used to support the SEO activity.

With all the SEO improvements it has to offer, Magento 2 emerges as a better option for developing e-commerce for your business. You can discuss both the options with an expert Magento developer in san Diego if you plan to migrate to the advanced version.

Originally published at on March 20, 2017.