Facebook’s “Start Exploring” feature rolled out for beta testers

Rocket Symbol on Facebook App (Beta Version)

If you are a Facebook Beta Tester, then you might have seen a rocket symbol in the newsfeed which made you wonder what does this rocket symbol signify and what is it doing on my FB app? Let me tell you, you are not the only one. A lot of people over the internet (especially on reddit and Facebook community) are anticipating the use of this symbol. See some links below:

For those who still haven’t received an update, a rocket symbol is something kept right in the middle of the newsfeed and notifications button on the app.

When tapped on it, it looks very similar to your newsfeed and has the articles and videos in the same way as on the news feed. But then what is the difference between normal feed and this rocket feed? Well, after exploring the feed of the rocket icon, I noticed that none of the content which is being shown on this rocket feed is from a page which I have liked but from pages of similar interest to what I like or interact with. It seems Facebook is trying to establish a completely different property for you to be able to discover new content from the topics of your interest.

When trying to figure out the name of this new feature, I came across this Facebook Community question where Facebook Help team confirmed the feature and disclosed its name as “Start Exploring”.

So, as a digital marketer, what is there for you in this new section? Unfortunately, nothing. I scrolled through this “Start Exploring” feed for almost 15 minutes but couldn’t find a single “Sponsored” post on it. What that indicates is, this feed will (for now) be purely to discover the content of the pages of similar interest to you and at least for now, Facebook has no monetization plans for this new feature.

To all the people who are still wondering what is this new feature and why can’t they see it on their app yet? You guys need to subscribe to Facebook Beta tester program to receive such cool updates before anyone else does. I was among the first few people in India to use Facebook Live for individuals. So, in case you want to know about any new Facebook product before most of the world does, do subscribe to Facebook’s Beta Tester Program. And if you are too lazy to subscribe the beta tester program, then wait till it rolls out for all Facebook users. Till Then …

Stay Happy, Stay Blessed!