How to Absolutely Smash a Product Launch 🚀

In becoming “Vin Clancy”, and turning my focus to helping others build their business, I’m constantly launching new products and services.

I’ve done this 10x more than I ever would have with PlanetIvy or my growth hacking agency.

They are the lifeblood of my success, and so I thought you guys could really use my system for how I make them all a success.

Product launches can be intimidating, especially the first time.

So with this system you should be able to nail it on attempt number one 🔥

  1. Were thinking of launching this

This works for products and eBooks.

It’s simple, just reach out to your audience and get their critical feedback.

Find early people interested who could be turned into buyers/downloaders.

Target people who raise their hands by direct message later/build a “buyers” and/or “interested” list.

Later, when the product is launching, direct message the people who liked or commented and let them know that the product is live.

Find out how much you should we charge for it, through this as well.

2. “Ok, its official! WE ARE DOING THIS!

Get further feedback

Announce launch date 📢

Tell people to like (or reply if email) to be notified when you go live

3. Going live TOMORROW @ THIS TIME

By this time, your audience should be desperate to receive it.

Prepare “viral sneezers” (friends/co-workers/family) to like/share/comment as soon as it goes live. You want as many shares as you can within the first 30 seconds of the post. This is how people get 1000000 views.

Use “” for bigger launches. This software schedules people’s FB to post at a certain time and date. Rather than having to rally the troops together in real time, you could spend a month or two getting people to agree to share this to their Facebook.

As with all other parts of this, reply to every comment and email.

4. “Ok, were live!

Get it free/discount in return for sharing this post!

This is a tactic I’ve deployed recently. Even though there’s no way to track who shared and who didn’t, it’s still an effective method.

NOTE: Make sure the links work before you go live!

5. Re-post!

Have another post ready 48 hours after the first one which shows a new benefit to sweep up those who didn’t download.

Other things to keep in mind:

Know the best time and date to reach your maximum audience

Try not to put external links. This will kill your ranking in the FB algorithm.

Comment below, the best method you’ve seen/used to smash product launches 💥