How to Increase Your Possibilities

Why a fan base is critical for your belief in yourself

I am not a true hockey fan. I am sure I would really enjoy it if I took the time to watch it.

However, right now in Nashville, it everyone is a hockey fan! The Nashville Predators have a chance of winning the Stanley Cup this year. People are sporting Predator’s gear, Shops have signs everywhere supporting our team, and many are showing their support on Facebook.

Notice I said “our” team. I have never been to a Predator’s game live, but this year everyone in the Nashville area is calling the Predator’s “our team.”

I don’t have cable, so to see what happens at the game, I usually watch the highlights online the next day.

As I watched the highlights from a recent game, I had what you could call an almost “spiritual” experience.

However, before you watch the video, let me give you a back story. The Predators have lost the first two games against the Penguins. Honestly, I thought that because of those losses, the energy would have gone down in Nashville. And then this happened….

I was moved, to say the least. I actually started tearing up. Again, I’m not a real hockey fan, and I have never been to a game.

It wasn’t the goal that moved me. It was the crowd.

Nashville is notorious for having loud hockey fans, and they didn’t hold back last game.

When the Predators scored that first goal, it was like thousands of people screaming at once, reminding the Predators “You ARE good enough. We believe in you!”

As a friend of mine said on Facebook.

“It’s crazy watching my predators stomp the Penguins, after losing twice to the Penguins in the Stanley Cup. Just seeing how the crowd has given them “new life” is amazing. It’s literally increasing their belief of what’s possible. You can only do what you believe. Keep pushing to be around the people that will increase your “belief”.
Then you can do the things you never thought possible before you had that “belief”.”
— Aaron Stokes (

I could not have said it better myself.

You need a fan club.

Everybody needs a fan base. You need people who are constantly cheering you on; who believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself.

Let me tell you about my fan club.

I have been blogging for over a year now. Just recently I asked a group of 20 friends and family, to start liking my posts, reading them, and sharing.

I had no idea of the impact this would have on my writing.

Now, everytime I post, I know that there is a group of people staying true to their word and believing in me. They have not only liked and shared my writing, they have given me feedback and encouragement.

I used to call myself a writer but had trouble believing it. After about a month of consistent support from friend and family, I have increased the belief I have in myself. Their belief in me has made me internalize that I am a writer.

As a result, I have gained more confidence. And not only that but as a result of their cheering me on, my articles have gone from 4 views per article to hundreds of views.

Their belief in me has had tangible results. There support has literally changed my life.

It wasn’t hard to find my “fan club.” You can do it too.

Here is what you need to do to create a fan club.

1. Choose your people.

Your fan club does not have to be people who idolize you or who are “star struck” by you. Your fan club just has to consist of people who believe in you. Make a list of people of who you have contact with on a regular basis. Even the people who I thought would tell me “no” were actually excited to be a part of my growth as a writer.

Don’t feel entitled. Some people are going to tell you “no.” That is ok and that is their right to do. They have lives and dreams of their own, and their time is a precious commodity.

Simply thank them for considering and move on to the next person.

2. Ask Specifically

Give your fans a specific way that they can support you.

How do sports fans support their teams? They show up in gear and scream as loud as they can. It is specific.

Give your fans a specific task that they can do to support you. My specific task for my team was to go to my articles and give them a like so that the word spread about my writing. Because of that, my writing has spread to other people who would have never seen it. It was something simple, but it made a world of difference.

Ask the same of your fan base. Find something impactful and simple that they can do.

3. Show gratitude.

Tell your team how much you appreciate what they do. Let them know that you are grateful for their support. Let them know often the impact that their support is having on your dream.


Again, it is amazing what happens when others believe in you. Your world of possibilities expands and you begin to believe in yourself more than you ever have before. You will be surprised at how others show support if you simply ask.

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