Monthly Cheat Sheet To Growth Marketing Insights

Remember how in high school you needed to write book reports and everyone would try to get the short version of the book?

Every week I share the top 10 articles posted on topics related to growth marketing. That’s a lot of reading to do for most of us with our already too-busy life.

So, I got you a cheat sheet. A summarized version of all the key insights and thoughts shared in October’s reading lists (+40 articles). This includes topics such as growth strategy, retention & engagement, push notifications, email marketing and more.

Need more? Here’s a sneak-peak to the insights you’ll get:

An alternative approach to growth: one part of the funnel at a time

With this approach you only have a singular focus at a time, starting at the top of the funnel and going deeper and deeper each quarter. The key to this approach, is not to abandon every metric achieved but to slowly add more metrics and handle each part of the funnel with care.

Don’t use one unified metric for CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost)

Each acquisition channel may perform differently in user quality. Focus your resources and effort on the channels that bring the most engaged users.

When designing an onboarding flow for a B2B product, onboarding should be dynamic

Such onboarding flow should take into consideration the unexpected paths of which it’ll take to complete the onboarding for each person on the team.

Rule of thumb for sending Push Notifications is between 6-8PM

During that time, engagement is at its highest (Based on Andrew Chen’s data). However, the timing of your push notification should also incorporate the urgency of the message and your product usage patterns.

A good email open rate is regarded as anything above 20%, depending on your content.

However, since open rates depend on many things which aren’t in your control (from the type of email client your readers are using to how many unread emails they already have), you shouldn’t look only on open-rate.

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