Our 6 Most Frequently Asked Questions

Invoq FAQs from “What does your agency do?” to “How can you help us increase sales?”

Some people want to know what we, as a marketing agency, can do to improve their marketing strategy; others just want to know how to say our name (seriously).

So for this post, we’re answering our six most frequently asked questions.

How do you pronounce your company’s name and what does it mean?

Invoq is pronounced the same way as invoke. While it’s not spelled the same way, it is a nod to one if its definitions: to cause, call forth, or bring about.

The means and methods of marketing are constantly changing. In order to connect the dots between the ever-evolving marketing scene (algorithms changes, social platform updates, best practice re-writes, etc.) and business goals, strategy adjustments — minor and major — are always needed.

It’s a good thing we like to invoq change.

What does Invoq Marketing do?

We’re a marketing agency that specializes in Inbound Marketing and Growth Driven Design (read on to lean more about each). We’re located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, but we can partner with clients anywhere in the U.S., even rural South Dakota.

We’re also a HubSpot Gold Partner (i.e. we use HubSpot as our primary marketing software) and we’re Inbound and HubSpot Certified. Find out why our clients care that we’re HubSpot Certified.

What’s Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is a methodology that utilizes customized content to entice and compel potential customers to make a purchase or complete a sale. The goal is to turn strangers into repeat customers who become brand ambassadors.

A cohesive and strategic Inbound Marketing plan includes a dynamic website, content offers, landing pages, calls-to-action, customized emails, and social publishing. They’re put together in such a way to make your buyer feel like you’re speaking directly to them. Once you’ve reached them, they’ll be interested in what you have to say.

If you want to learn more about Inbound Marketing, download a free copy of our e-book, The Power of Inbound Marketing.

Our Inbound Marketing services include:

  • Strategy & Persona Development
  • Content Planning
  • Content Creation and Distribution
  • Social Media Publishing and Management
  • E-book Creation and Distribution
  • PPC & Social Ad Creation, Management & Optimization
  • Email Campaigns Creation and Deployment
  • Monthly Analytics and Strategy Reporting

What’s Growth Driven Design?

As a part of Inbound Marketing, we implement Growth Driven Design. Growth Driven Design overcomes the shortfalls of traditional website development. It’s dynamic and adaptable nature employs user and A/B testing, improves SEO, provides the ultimate user-friendly experience, and offers endless reporting features including website ROI.

Bottom line: By constantly adapting your website to the changing needs of your visitor, you will have maximum potential for greater sales.

Our Growth Driven Design services include:

  • Strategy Development
  • Messaging & Content Creation
  • Ongoing User Experience & Site Architecture Testing
  • Inbound Marketing Strategy Alignment
  • Design & Development
  • Quality Assurance and Testing
  • Ongoing Analysis and Updating

How many people work for you?

We’ve got a fantastic team of six right now. Below are their names and a little bit about each.

Jon Martin, CEO, Sales & Strategy — Jon excels at developing and implementing business, sales, and marketing strategies. If you love talking about your business and discussing ways it can grow, you’ll want to meet Jon. He’s passionate about business growth and helping others succeed.

Benjamin Bachman, Creative Director & Project Master — Benjamin works closely with Jon to create effective, client-specific strategies, then he makes sure everything gets done — correctly and on time. Strategy and results are always top-of-mind for Benjamin. He is also our in-house troubleshooter and systems manager.

Kristen May, Content Creator — Knowing what great Inbound Marketing strategies require, Kristen is devoted to developing quality content and making sure that it’s posted on every platform so that the word gets out to all the right people at just the right time. Even in high school Kristen loved grammar and diagramming sentences.

David Herring, Designer & Web Developer — David is the master of website design and development. He knows how to make things work on the backend while preserving the functionality and beauty on the front end. David also handles digital and print design work.

Austin Meadows, New Business Development Manager — Austin loves conversations. It’s a good thing because landing clients is a long-term process. We don’t expect potential clients to immediately love us, buy into our methodology, then throw hard earned money our way to make miracles happen. Finding a marketing agency that can help you meet your business and marketing goals takes research, many intense conversations, and hard decisions. Austin gets that. Better yet, he loves it.

Ross Stockdale, SEO Strategist — Ross is a Search Engine Optimization expert. While many have no idea what SEO is and how it works, Ross comes to the rescue. He understands the strategies and techniques necessary to increase website traffic and improve search engine results page (SERP) ranking. The first step in increasing sales is being found. People can’t buy what they don’t know about.

Our team knows how to pair crazy fun with focus and determination. Meet our team by visiting our “Invoq Team” Pinterest board.

BTW, our team is still growing so that we can better serve our clients. Stay tuned for the newbies.

Why should we choose Invoq over another agency?

While we love challenges and solving marketing and sales problems, we care even more deeply about helping businesses succeed. With that in mind, we honestly assess each businesses challenges, goals, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). If Inbound Marketing — our area of expertise — isn’t a good fit for a particular business model or industry, we’ll tell you.

Besides being good at what we do, our team collectively works hard to move heaven and earth in order to delight clients and give them best marketing ROI possible.

Plus, we’re fun. We work hard and we’re focused, but we also love quoting movies and taking mid-morning walks to our favorite local coffee shop.

Read this article if you’re looking to hire a marketing agency. It has helpful tips and a downloadable research questionnaire.

What now?

Contact us to learn more about Inbound Marketing and Growth Driven Design. If you prefer, you can start your conversation with us by signing up for our free marketing assessment.

Or if you’re nearby, visit us at our office in beautiful Lancaster City. (Before heading up to the second floor where we’re located, stop in the Prince Street Cafe on the first floor for coffee and a homebaked dessert. YUM!!).

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