Shoutout to everyone trapped in their hometowns who wants to get out 🚀

“It always seems impossible until it’s done” — Nelson Mandela

I know what it’s like.

It’s not even that you have doubters or haters

People from small towns don’t even think it’s possible for you to do it

(Until you start to, then they doubt you)

It’s amazing to see the meme of entrepreneur spread

Just a few years ago it wasn’t even an option, I was part of the “first wave” of startups coming up (in London, at least) in 2012

I read some books, said “I can do this too” then went for it.

Now I’m living in Los Angeles, far from my hometown, and I feel it’s something like my duty now to help others

Young guys like Will Sherrer, who escaped North Carolina at 18 to move to L.A., did my coaching program and 10x’ed how much money he was making immediately after completing my course; Ross Lindgren who went from basically zero to making over 10k a month during my course (in an extremely difficult niche, shooting video) and women like Suzanne Noble, who had an idea for a Facebook group before she started my course (I LOVED the idea and told her to go all-out on it) By the time the course was finished, her group (Advantages of Age group — Baby Boomers & Beyond) has become her full-time thing, she got national press, secured grants to fund it, and started making revenue from the group & other ideas she started

I LOVE coaching (I have five coaches/mentors that I pay and work with right now, for context!) — It’s such a direct way of changing peoples’ lives

So my thought for the day is for you to find someone who needs your help — Someone who messaged you who you ignored?

Someone you could spend an hour on the phone with?

And start giving back

It doesn’t take much to make a big difference in someone’s life

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