The Lean Mean Branding Machine

by David Brier

There is a little-known brand formula any brand (and startups) use to get the differentiation needed to grow fast.

It’s a technique that helps brands:

  • Lose the excess brand baggage
  • Shed the weight
  • Gain agility as a brand
  • Move into the passing lane
  • Accelerate their growth.

In fact, it’s how small brands get big branding results.

And this formula is the total opposite of what so many “branding authors and experts” advise.

But this stealth technique does it intelligently while losing those extra pounds (that keep your brand heavy and less nimble).

Branding Machine: Meet the New Slimmer You

In short, you look for your industry’s commonalities.

That’s right. How?

By looking at your industry and your competition.

Important note: your competition is “anything” your prospects use today to solve their problem that you can help with (and your customer’s problems range from “business problems” to “terrible tasting health food snacks” to “uncomfortable footwear” to “overpriced housing”).

By finding your industry’s “commonalities,” you then can find that emotional sweet spot for you to differentiate your brand.

For example, this was applied to the following clients:

  • A computer software company doubled the sales of a software company 4 years in a row PLUS getting them on the INC 500.
  • A midwest city increased tourism 500% in 12 months following the launch of the rebrand developed for them.
  • A Napa Valley startup increased sales 300% the first year after our rebrand followed by another 300% the 2nd year, totaling 900% increase in sales in 24 months.
  • A Midwest chocolatier catapulted sales 300% in 30 days with no other changes: no new flavors, no new hours, no new personnel, no new promotions, no “pricing incentives.” Just from a proper and different approach to branding than their competition.
  • Joanna Vargas saw an 800% increase in their new customers within 3 months after the rebrand using this formula to elevate her skin care sanctuary and skin care line, and
  • Defiance Fuel water for athletes has seen a 100% close rate with athletes.

There IS a formula to transform your brand into a business-generating machine.

It’s the grease that helps you kick things into high gear, leaving the competition in the dust.

What I’ve outlined above gives you the basic fundamental foundation.

Branding Machine Examples (to Accelerate Your Brand’s Growth Super Fast)

Use it and never look back.

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