Tools That Make My Life As A Content Marketer Easier

My job is to create great website and blog content for a variety of clients. I also need to stay informed on all things happening in the online marketing world to do my job well. In case you didn’t know, the online marketing world seems to change minute by minute.

In 2016 I traveled to 25 of 50 states in the USA. I couldn’t have done my job while traveling if it weren’t for some of my most favorite social media and content curation tools. These resources keep me organized and help me to stay informed of everything that I need to know in a few simple places. The best part is that in most cases, all I need is my phone to get to work. This is a complete blessing while being on the road for weeks at a time.


If I could marry Buffer, I probably would. Ever since I discovered this tool, I’ve been obsessed and recommend it to absolutely everyone I know that could use it. It’s so easy to use. I’ve tried many different social media sharing tools like Hootsuite, Sendible, Bitly, Bundle Post and more.

While each of these tools specializes in different things, Buffer gives me exactly what I want out of a social media management tool. It automatically shortens links, helps you find the best time to share those links, then reports back to you the number of likes, clicks, or retweets on each post. Buffer links to Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, G+ and Instagram pages. Instagram doesn’t mix well with many tools, but Buffer has it down. You get your Instagram post ready, put it in the queue, and all you need to do is click Buffer’s reminder from your phone to put up your post. There’s no bells and whistles and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out Buffer. To me, it’s the perfect tool for marketers. Buffer provides browser extensions for both desktop and mobile. If I see a link I’d like to share, all I need to do is click a button and it’s shared to the accounts I choose.

As a bonus, Buffer is an incredible resource. Their blog is like a crash course in all things marketing. They’ll even hold free webinars and give free templates for tracking analytics and more. The service is free to try, although, I highly recommend upgrading to at least their awesome plan. It’s only $10 per month and you can connect up to 12 social profiles with access for 2 team members.

Start A Fire

This is an awesome tool for marketers that needs to be seen! It’s a link building tool that compiles the links you add and then places these links on other pages. You can easily “light” a page through a variety of ways. I have my Start A Fire Page linked to Buffer. Every link that I put into Buffer automatically gets added to my compilation of links on Start A Fire. This service also connects to a myriad of other sources including Hootsuite, Safari, Tweetdeck, Pinterest and many more.

Once you add recommended content, it will appear as a badge on the pages you link to. For example, If you link your WordPress blog to Start A Fire and also link your friend’s small business page, both of these links will appear in badges that pop up on each respective page. I’ve built hundreds (close to thousands) of links over the past 6 months since I have been using this tool. Start A Fire also gives you useful stats, showing how many impressions, badge clicks and link clicks each site you add produces. The best news is that it’s also free to try!


Pocket is a great source for content curation. You simply add your interests and the site gives you recommended content on a weekly basis. Pocket finds some of the best content on the Internet for you. These articles range in subject matter from health and well-being to computing and technology to marketing. There’s even a Pocket extension for your browser that allows you to save any article or webpage you’re browsing to your Pocket account. This allows you to read content at a later time without worrying about bookmarking links. Pocket really makes finding quality content to share with your followers a lot easier.

Pablo By Buffer

I’m not a graphic designer, nor do I have the time to create great graphics and pictures to go along with many of my blog and social posts. Sometimes, a simple image with a quote does the trick for my needs. Pablo is a tool that was invented by Buffer for its users to create and share images easily. They teamed up with UnSplash to give their users free access to a library that has thousands of royalty-free photos. You can even add your own photos to create a new graphic as well. You’ll be able to generate beautiful images with text to use as part of content campaigns seamlessly. I find this tool especially useful for longer blog posts where I’m using a lot of quotes and want to highlight them in a unique way. Pablo also has the ideal image layout and sizes for Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook to maximize your chances for engagement. his tool also provides a free toolbar extension, so you can create images right from a website. Just be sure to check for any copyright issues! Check it out at


Trello is a fantastic tool for managing remote teams. It allows workers to collaborate wherever in the world they may be. You can set up to-do lists, assign tasks to other employees, and provide company-wide transparency. While each employee will have their own specific board, they’ll have access to see what’s being done in their department and throughout the company. It helps remote workers to stay connected and on task without feeling overwhelmed by e-mails and other to-do lists.

I’m excited to see what new tools I will add to my favorites list in 2017. As content marketing changes, so too do the myriad of tools available!

*This post originally appeared On Keith Keller’s guest blog

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